Great Sandy Man and the Biosphere Region
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Welcome to The Great Sandy Man and the Biosphere!

A Very Special Place!

A remarkable region, the Great Sandy includes many of Australia’s iconic natural features, internationally recognised as having significant cultural and conservation value.

Designated in 2009, under UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme, the Great Sandy Biosphere builds on the understanding that preserving our natural resources is integral to addressing the the future impacts of climate change and other global challenges.

Functions of a Biosphere

The Great Sandy Biosphere addresses three complimentary functions:

Conservation –

Promoting and contributing to the conservation of landscapes, habitats, ecosystems and the well being and biodiversity of the species within them.

Development –

Fostering economic and human development that produces income but is socially responsible and ecologically sustainable.

Knowledge and Education –

Advancing the understanding of processes that encourage sustainable development through research, monitoring and education and creating a knowledge base that adds to a global database of sustainable best practice.
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Latest News
Australia’s Nature Coast

The Great Sandy Biosphere and the Bordering Noosa Biosphere have joined together with the regional tourism bodies from the Fraser Coast, Gympie Cooloola and Sunshine Coast regions to form a new partnership to develop a world class eco-tourism destination to be known as 'Australia’s Nature Coast'

The unbeatable network of natural experiences our Biosphere region’s have to offer will be promoted to domestic and international tourism markets in a wholly unified way through the activities of the partnership with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection. The aim is to build a suite of internationally ready, accredited, nature based tourism products to attract domestic and overseas visitors to the region.

The involvement of the two UNESCO Biospheres will emphasise community participation in providing nature based experiences and opportunities to learn and understand about ways of living sustainably in harmony with nature as our region develops socially, economically and culturally into the future.

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