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Projects involving the Great Sandy – Man and the Biosphere

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NEW Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

Crowds Flock to the Opening of the NEW Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

The newest attraction on the Fraser Coast has opened to the public over the weekend with more than 1100 people making their way through the new Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere.

The Discovery Sphere and the Hervey Bay Regional Art Gallery make up what the Fraser Coast Cultural Centre showcasing the natural wonders of the region and the creative talents of artists from within the region and beyond.

Interpretive panels, interactive displays and a large theatre provides a unique starting point for discovering and exploring regions significant natural assets including our iconic marine life (Whales, Turtles, Dugong etc)as well as the unique marine life of the Mary river. The dreamtime legends of the Butchulla people are woven throughout the discovery sphere explaining and celebrating Aboriginal stories and traditions handed down over tens of thousands of years.

The Discovery Centre is also a gateway to the Great Sandy Biosphere - an important designation for the Fraser Coast and Great Sandy Strait region awarded in 2009 by UNESCO which highlights our regions international significance and encourages community participation in efforts to protect the region for future generations.

The Hervey Bay Regional Art Gallery complements the discovery sphere giving local residents and tourists alike the opportunity to engage with the visual arts with a range of exhibitions that promote local and other well-known artists from around Australia.
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Great Sandy Biosphere links project

In partnership with Fauna and Flora International (FFI) and the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) and with funding made available by the Qantas Foundation, The Great Sandy Links Project identifies and maps the many and varied regional ecosystems to establish a baseline for monitoring future changes and assess areas outside the core, protected zones where potential landscape scale enhancement may occur.

Click here for the Great Sandy Links Project document.

Click here for the Great Sandy Links Monitoring and Evaluation Framework document.

Great Sandy Biosphere links project

Great Sandy Biosphere
links project

Wide Bay Burnett NRM Plan

Seeking to establish a range of targets and actions designed to assist the management of our natural environment, and to retain the viability and sustainability of the Wide Bay Burnett region into the future, the WBB NRM Plan is a collaborative endeavour involving, councils, NRM and community groups, Industry and the general public.

Supporting the objectives of the parent Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan, the NRM plan identifies major priorities for the region such as maintaining the availability of good agricultural land and soil health, improving management of invasive pests and weeds, and establishing riparian vegetation buffers within catchments.

Click here to download a draft version of the plan.

Please note – Community consultation on the make up of the plan is open for comment until Friday May 18, 2012 – for more information on the community consultation process, click .

Wide Bay Burnett NRM Plan

Wide Bay Burnett NRM Plan

Grey Nurse Shark Research and Monitoring Project

The Grey Nurse Shark historically, has had a much maligned reputation as a species to be feared. Hunted almost to extinction in the last decades of the twentieth century, the Grey Nurse Shark has been a victim of its looks.

The Grey Nurse shark, however, is now recognised as the most gentle of shark species that populate our waters. Now endangered, the shark has become the topic of a coordinated research project involving FFI and a range of environmental organisations. The project is seeking to fill in the gaps in our knowledge about this amazing creature. With only approximately 1,000 sharks known to inhabit our east coast waters, little is known about the sharks habits and a concerted effort is now being made to determine areas where they aggregate to feed and breed.

Grey Nurse Shark Research and Monitoring Project

Grey Nurse Shark Research
and Monitoring Project

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